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Product Code: CB13F-0207X_C6

MYMi products are light weight, handmade out of premium eco friendly acetate and with attention to detail.

Ancient Sub Saharan Bracelet, originally made in stone, from 600 BC.
The Moors and Tuaregs were herders who roam the Sahara Desert. Tuareg Jewellery emphasizes volume, but the minimal design is a perfect expression of the austere and simple lifestyle of these peoples.  A family’s wealth includes ivory and stone bracelets.
Some ivory, stone or bone Bracelets are large, flat, almost perfect circles. Characteristics that they believe guarantee power and eternal life.
These Bracelets worn above the elbow sometimes serve as weapons in hand to hand combat.

  • Collection
  • Bangle
  • Polished or matt acetate
  • Tribal design
  • Available in different colours
  • Approximate max. width 2.5 cm
  • Approximate height: 0,5 cm
  • Check bangle size guide
  • Hand Made

We offer different sizes. Please check our size guide to find your perfect fit.

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