MYMi Materials

MYMi goes beyond industry standards and EU regulations in its selection of all its materials and components. We source everything with care, making a special effort to use biological, recyclable and allergy free materials.


MYMi Cellulose Acetate

MYMi uses cellulose acetate, a warm and aesthetically pleasing material, for the creation of its jewellery.

MYMi sources its raw material from the most qualified partner of the best known fashion designers and brands worldwide. Mazzucchelli1849 is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of cellulose acetate. The use of cotton and wood fiber (instead of petroleum) results in a nature friendly material, which is handmade and REACH certified. Cellulose acetate is used for the manufacturing of sunglasses, jewels and high-end hair accessories.

This recyclable bioplastic allows for the creation of playful colours that can imitate natural materials like horn or tortoise shell without doing it at nature’s expense. In short, it replicates nature without harming it. Other noble attributes of acetate are its flexibility, lightness, warmth, softness to the touch and very low risk of allergies.

The unique acetate patterns used by MYMi have been made by hand for over 100 years using traditional techniques that require craftsmanship and include numerous steps throughout the production process, which requires weeks of labour. The raw material is already a piece of art which MYMi enhances and transforms into beautiful and contemporary jewellery you can enjoy every day.

For more information about acetate whatch this video.

MYMi Components

Metal alloys are the main cause of allergic reactions. MYMi uses only nickel-free metals.

MYMi’s earring posts are made of unplated pure titanium (CP Titanium, Grade 1 ASTM F67, unanodized); one of the few pure and allergy-free metals. All our ear pads are made out of silicon which not only ensures a better hold but also reduce the risk of allergies.

For all other metal components we strictly use stainless steel, brass or 925 sterling silver as a base material and pure rhodium and 18 or 21 karat gold are used for the plating.

MYMi Packaging

MYMi cares about the environment. We minimize packaging materials to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Our boxes are conventional and 100% recyclable. All our products come in a multi-purpose pouch that you can use to protect and clean your jewellery.

MYMi Made

MYMi designs are exclusively made out of eco-friendly cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is the only plastic material produced in sheets, derived from cotton and wood fibre instead of petroleum.

MYMi’s jewellery is not mass-produced. Each artisanal piece is handmade with care and the creation process takes several days.

Every item starts as a sheet of acetate that goes through multiple steps performed by hand and with the assistance of specialized equipment. The creation of acetate jewellery requires human touch and craftsmanship. The desired quality is ensured through an individual process of refinement and inspection and only then will it be branded as a MYMi product ready for you.

MYMi Artisanal Production Steps

  • A Design is created
  • The sheet of acetate is cut into the desired shape
  • Once cut, the acetate is moulded and thermoformed by hand, using specialized tools
  • It is then carved and shaped like horn or fine wood
  • After carving and shaping the piece is polished
  • Polishing is a long process that takes up to four days in different tumbling barrels
  • Finally, details and components are carefully applied by hand
  • The piece is then polished manually for fine finishing

MYMi Double Handmade

Our products are made out of handmade raw materials, these materials are then transformed by hand into jewellery. MYMi simply calls this process
“Double Handmade”.