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Tiger Tortoise Shell
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MYMi products are light weight, handmade out of premium eco friendly acetate and with attention to detail.

Bracelet from Ivory Coast, originally in Iron, 800 BC.
From the Ancient Sub Saharan culture of the Senufo, known for being very spiritual and religious peoples.
Personal ornaments of the Senufo, were believed to be linked to the ancestors and the gods.
Bracelets function mainly as protective charms and Iron and Ivory, turned into bracelets, often became symbols of authority.
The python and tortoise are frequent decorative motifs, according to the Senufo culture they are two of the first five beings to be created, with hornbill, chameleon and the crocodile.

  • Collection
  • Bracelet
  • Polished acetate
  • Tribal design
  • Available in different colours
  • Animal head max. width: 4 cm
  • Check cuff size guide reference measurement “A”
  • Hand Made

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